• Tankwood / rubber / glass fibre high pressure   sandwich cabinet without parallel surfaces

  • Bass and midrange 4th order alignment design   through rear-firing passive radiator (custom made   Scan Speak Illuminator unit)

  • Custom paper and carbon sandwich cone driver   from Scan-Speak Denmark

  • Extremely fast custom made Mundorf AMT tweeter

  • Duelund CAST Cu capacitor and inductor

  • Crossover components individually pressure-mated   to Panzerholz

  • Point-to-point wiring; no Printed Circuit Boards   throughout

  • Advanced microvibration control throughout State-of-the-art
    Computerized Numerical Control   machining and assembly
    to the tightest tolerances achievable today




Jim Merod
"Positive Feedback", Issue 51

“Sound is an elusive topic to describe verbally. You must hear these speakers to understand the full impact of their musical magic.I'll attest, right here, that Kaiser Kawero!® speakers are at the top of my list.


Jeremy Baldwin
"The Right Note", UK

„ ...a completely natural-sounding, threedimensional musical picture that hangs in space behind the loudspeakers – while they just disappear.“



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